Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why I Haven’t Blogged in a Few Weeks

Short answer: I been busy, damn it!

Long answer: I’ve been sleeping, playing video games, working, puzzling over issues with my book, and generally avoiding the big plunge.

In late December I decided to eschew the old ways of begging for representation and waiting for approval from the publishing gods. Instead I’m jumping on the rickety little boat for internet print-on-demand and self publishing. To prove to myself that I’m serious, I’ve been reading other blogs on the topic, gathering all the little tidbits of data and inspiration that I can. I did a final edit on my first novel, formatted it for its eventual print size, made inroads on doing an audio book as well as e-book; all good first steps.

The details of marketing are still eluding me but I figured that like most things you need a finished product to present to reviewers and convention goers. So it’s on to the artwork for the chapter breaks and the cover. My goal is to have a product to show sometime in mid-summer.

Impossible? Maybe. I am a big procrastinator when I have to do everything myself. I will probably need to re-establish a business presence and a website again; not sure the old comic book image will work best anymore. I’ll need to set up a relationship with Amazon and one of the POD publishers. I must wear many hats and I only have one head, large though it may be.

There are a few details I can share at this point:
1)      I’m going back to the original title “The Gold Cat’s Daughter” at 330+ pages.
2)      It will be 5.25x8 inches with a map or two and interior graphics (might as well employ all my strengths).
3)      It will have a digitally painted cover in full color that will have to be the best piece I’ve ever done in any medium.
4)      It will be released with Print-On-Demand, audio, and e-book formats.
5)      I will use my own name.

This last bit is an interesting one for those not in the business. “Why not use your own name?” Well, look at my name. I’ve heard the same stupid jokes since my kindergarten teacher tried her wit on the first day of class. I have a chance to pick something cool and flowing, like ‘Arthur Knight’, ‘Richard Ritter’ or ‘Earl Chevalier’. But I want to make people use the Rude name with a bit less levity and maybe a little respect someday.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, why can’t I?