The Dead Witch Project

The "Dead Witch Project" is a series of fan art I posted on the Yahoo "Hollows" group some time in 2005. They are based on characters from "Dead Witch Walking" and the rest of the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison.
The first few were well received and I was encouraged to do some more, taking composition suggestions from other fans. Most of these were drawn while working at one of my call center jobs (in between doing my comic book pages) cuz that's how I roll. I think I answered a lot of phone calls too.

My first, entitled "Vampiric Charms" featuring the three protagonists Ivy Tamwood (vampire), Rachel Morgan (witch), and Jenks (pixie).

Closer look at Jenks, rocking out on the dashboard of a taxi cab with a hula doll.  I figured all fae had to have pointed ears; so there they are.

Hungry Ivy. Rachel has unwittingly been pushing her room-mate's instinctual feeding buttons and is in danger of getting nibbled on.

Ivy looking embarrassed as she rescues a shape-shifted Rachel (mink) and Nick (rat).

Someone wanted to see Trent Kalamack, Rachel's nemesis. I drew them in an unlikely pose that kinda tickled me. Kim liked it a lot too.

Rachel on a run with Jenks and her sleepy-time splat ball gun. That's my first dumpster, btw.

Rachel getting freaky tapping a ley line. I wanted her hair to kinda look like a witchy hat.

My first shot at Kisten and eroticism. Mostly I wanted to have a reason to draw that t-shirt slogan.