Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Coolest Thing Evar!

Yeah OK, it was the hot chick on the cover.

That's why I agreed to read "Dead Witch Walking" with my book group back in 2004. Little did I know it would lead to the Coolest Thing EVAR. (That's how you spell 'ever' on the internet, btw). I loved the book so much I was inspired to do some fan art, which I originally posted on the Yahoo "Hollows" site and which I've reposted here.
I got lots of positive feedback from other fans, but the really gratifying thing was the author herself was quite pleased. Kim Harrison (later revealed to be Dawn Cook in disguise) told me that the pictures brought a big smile to her face.

Then it gets weird. And cool.

In 2007, I had a dream. I was wandering in a cluttered book store or library and I climbed up a ladder to some secluded little room full of books and there, seated amongst them, was Kim Harrison. "Kim Harrison?" I asked, and she looked up. Then I awoke. Weird.
The next day I got an e-mail out of the blue from the author. She said she couldn't stop thinking about my artwork and wanted to know if she could let her agent show it to the people at Tokyo Pop. My jaw dropped. Really, it did. *Thunk*  I told her of course, by all means! Cool!.

I got to correspond with her agent Richard Curtis, a very nice and courteous fellow. This was a while before the Hollows graphic novel was in the works, so nothing really came of it. Ah well. I thanked Kim for the opportunity and went on my way, happy for the notice and validation. We artists thrive on validation.

Now for the Coolest Thing Evar. About a year ago in May, I got a Facebook message from Kim asking if I had the time/inclination to do some character drawings for the Hollows world book she was working on. Excuse me;


Okay, sorry. Reliving the moment.
Slavering in fanboy delirium, I told her I'd love to and threw myself into it with abandon. Wooohoo! And I was getting paid for it too! My first real paying illustration job and it was for my favorite author doing some of my favorite characters! I was happy-dancing for weeks. At first she asked for about a dozen, but the number kept growing and by the September 2010 deadline I turned in 31 pieces, most of which I believe will be published. It has been a great collaboration and I had lots of fun. Did I mention "Squeeee?" I think I did.

Anyway, I got permission to post a few images from the upcoming "Hollows Insider", which is scheduled for release October 25th, 2011. Without further adieu...

Rachel and Jenks (turned big) after an adventure.

Ivy looking suspiciously over her shoulder...

Kisten and the Cincinnati skyline. 

Kim and me (squatting a bit) at the Tuscon Book Festival.


  1. Holy cow! Having read all of Kim's books, you drew Kisten EXACTLY as I picture him. Awesome!!

  2. How awesome, I think the drawings are great! This book series is my absolute favorite!

  3. Very cool! She does rock the writing the hollow series. Great work and thanks for sharing. It will definitely be added to my bookshelf collection. Great job on Kisten too....just how I pictured him =)